Dear bodybuilding fans,
Due to the current situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, we are sadly forced to announce that EVLS PRAGUE PRO 2020 will not take place this year.

We apologize if this has caused any inconvenience to anyone, however it is out of our control as to allow this event to take place this year based on several important facts namely : The current government regulations stating that larger events may not be held in the Czech Republic as well as the fact that a travel ban is in place and no one may enter the Czech Republic to date. Lastly the current uncertain times we live in at present.

Based on the above facts we are forced to postpone our event to 2021.

We ask for your understanding on this crucial decision we have made and at the same time we would like to thank you all for your support during these trying times as well as for the years that EVLS has been going.

On behalf of EVLS PRAGUE PRO you have my word that in 2021 we will do everything in our power to bring the biggest stars of bodybuilding to Prague and put on the best bodybuilding show in Europe!!!

Adam Kindl