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EVLS Bench press Cup 2017

Dear sports friends, given that only 5 competitors have paid the EQUIPPED entry fee within the planned deadline, this division is left, but unfortunately without the intended financial rewards. A competitor registered at Benchpress EQUIPPED may change the category to RAW where the rewards are left. At the same time, the organizer will be able to sign up until Friday, September 29, and in view of problems with the transfer of a starting fee from some states, it also allows for cash payments at registration without penalty. It will compete for only one day on Saturdays with the possibility of weighing on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. You can register without weighing on Thursday and get free entrance to the Friday program. We hope you understand the organizer’s decision. Competitors who have already paid the starting fee in the EQUIPPED category and will not want to participate in the competition will be refunded to the account in full.

The EVLS Prague Showdown 2017 will also host an international benchpress competition organized under the auspices of WPC federation called EVLS – BENCH PRESS CUP 2017 Grand Prix International. WPC will compete in all age and weight categories of RAW and Equipment. The competition is open to members of the WPC and all other federations. Competitors will sign up for the competition by filling in the online application form below until August 30, 2017!

Instructions for competitors you can find here. 

Application form you can find here.  

The starting list can be found here.  

Contact e-mail for competitors:

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