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EVLS Bestie Open 2017

This year, same as in 2016, you can look forward to this competition that is part of EVLS Prague Showdown. What does it mean for you? The individual competition where all hobby competitors can check out their abilities is here again. The hobby category means that you do not have to worry about exercises like MU, or heavy weights. You can look forward to an indoor exercise area of 1200 m2! Our hall is right in front of EVLS FITNESS EXPO, so you can expect that a lot of spectators will come to support you!

How to register?

The registration is simple. Just send an email to

The registration starts on Sept 2, 2017, at 8:00 PM.

The capacity is 80 competitors.

The organizer has the right to eliminate advanced competitors from the registration.


Starting Fee

As for every Bestie, the starting fee is 500 CZK per competitor.

Prizes for Winners

The prizes for winners have been donated by companies Sanasport, FIT-PRO CZECH, Gatorade, and others. The winner’s podium will be awarded vouchers for the purchase of goods at in the total value of 6000 CZK.

Entry Fee

As part of the starting fee, all competitors have free entry to the hall and to EVLS FITNESS EXPO.

Time Schedule (will be slightly changed):


08:00 Registration

08:45 Briefing

09:15 WOD1

12:00 WOD 2

14:45 WOD 3

16:45 WOD 4

17:30 Announcement of Winners

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