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EVLS MMA Arena Cuo No. 35

This season’s first MMA tournament in the Czech Republic takes place, as the main supporting program of EVLS Prague Showdown, on Sept 30, 2017. The amateur fighters will thus have a huge audience that will help them to do their utmost and show their best performance.

Tournament schedule

Czech MMA Championship – year 2017/2018

MMAA ARENA CUP 35, EVLS Prague Showdown 2017

Date: Saturday, Sept 30, 2017

Place: exhibition grounds PVA EXPO Letňany, Praha
Time schedule:

11:00 AM – registration, weighing, medical checkups
01:30 PM – instructions

02:00 PM – start of the tournament

Style: MMA, rules arena-cup


Fighters under the age of 18 will not be allowed to compete unless they provide an approval signed by their parents! The obligatory medical assessment proving the capability to fight in the tournament mustn’t be older than one year.
Starting fee:


FREE for MMAA members that have paid their membership fee – 500 CZK/season. 200 CZK for non-members – the online application becomes valid after the membership fee (500 CZK), or in case of non-members the amount of 200 CZK, is credited to the MMAA account: 2108559104/2700. (Please write the fighter’s name, surname, and club into the Note for Recipient box.)

The payment must be credited to the account by Friday, Sept 22, 2017, at the latest.

Deadline for online applications is Saturday, Sept 23, 8 PM.

FightCard announcement will be on Monday, Sept 25, as well as the announcement of the main card fights – you can bet on these fights online at MaxiTip.

Link to the online application find here:

The new league rules state that it is not possible to participate without a club membership, however, we can help you solve this issue. We have already matched two fighters with their new clubs. If you would like to compete and you are not a member of any club, send an email to


You can get more information on these phone numbers:
+420775111213 Martin Škvára

+420777934915 Zdeněk Ledvina


IMMAF rules (see, + MMAA Arena Cup Rules

Insurance: every fighter takes care of his own insurance, as his participation is his own responsibility


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport without weapons, allowing both striking and grappling, standing as well as fighting on the ground, it combines different techniques of other martial sports and arts. It emerged at the end of the 20th century during competitions whose purpose was to find the most efficient combat method for real situations of unarmed conflict.

The fight takes place in an octagon (cage), for professional fights there is a concrete number of time-limited rounds – 3 rounds, 5 minutes each, title fights 5 rounds, 5 minutes each, on the amateur level there are 3 rounds, 3 minutes each. The obligatory protective gear consists just of special gloves, a teeth protector and jockstrap. There are several ways how to achieve K.O.: the opponent surrenders, the referee stops the fight – technical K.O., a serious injury that does not allow to go on with the fight occurs, or win on points (unanimous decision). The ring referee supervises the observation of rules, he is present in the octagon during the whole fight. The point referees watch the fight from behind the octagon, after the time limit expiry they award points for individual rounds and so decide the fight in favor of one of the fighters.


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