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EVLS Street Workout Festival 2017

 EVLS Street Workout Festival will take place on Sept. 2017 , 29th and 30th.  120m2 area, in PVA EXPO Prague, Letňany.

STREET WORKOUT – not only an active leisure activity, it´s a training concept as well! The most basic, the most discussed, the most popular and the most accessible sport is finaly coming up on stage to introduce it´s self for the public/fitness world!                                Feel it, touch it! Just do! The biggest festival of natural power!

The introduction of STREET WORKOUT as an active leisure activity across the spectrum of both sports and non-sports public and lifestyle without restrictions. STREET WORKOUT as a sport without limits!

Friday, sept.29th

STREET WORKOUT enters to the scene – presents and introducing it self and appeals to the public – Exhibition show – Open lesson of STREET WORKOUT with Bc. David Rejl – ELITE COACH WCO – Top of the Czech STREET WORKOUT – Seminar – Questions &Answers

Saturday, Sept.30th

Let´s it start!

Morning battle SETS & REPS – chin- ups, squats, dips, handles … sweat and hard work, repeaters without excuses!

Afternoon FREESTYLE battle where all the male and female contestants overcome the power of gravity with incredible lightness …

PRIZE MONEY WELFARE -449 USD – work for real reward!Competitions for the fair visitors for valuable prizes because anybody just can!

Moderated by: Honza Zdrubecký – the absolute winner CZECH STREETWORKOUT LEAGUE

Expert Jury: Martin Viedenský, Maksym Riznyk, Jaroslav Rutkovský

Contact: Magdalena Červená, 777 032 103

Street Workout is a fun and interesting exercise trend that combines the muscle-building power of calisthenics with the endurance-building power of athletics. Instead of going to the gym to lift heavy weights, Street Workout works on the principle of body weight training, using your own weight for resistance. Its initial foundations come from calisthenics.

The name comes from the Latin “Callosa ” – beauty, “sthénos” – the power. the oldest method of strengthening exercises. Street Workout has links to Ancient Greece, but reemerged in the 21st century in Eastern Europe, Russia, and the United States. In particular, it began to develop in New York City in poverty-stricken areas, as people there could not afford to go to gyms. Instead, they used the environment around them, which included playgrounds and benches, to get a workout in.


Sets and reps – “series of repetitions” … the basics, basic exercises, Chin-ups, push-ups, squats, lunges, often in staggering numbers, no excuses.


Freestyle-static elements more difficult and challenging variations of the basic exercises to the combination, the criterion is the creativity and originality.








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