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As we have announced before, EVLS Prague Showdown will be held on 29-30th September 2017 in the PVA Expo Prague. Its integral part will be again Fitness Expo show, which is growing every year.

Growing interest of exhibitors and partners, especially from abroad, which our previous home Tipsport arena can´t satisfied, was one of the main reasons for moving to the much larger and more modern space PVA Expo Prague Letňany.

It will newly offer 4000 sq. meters space and will provide facility for eighty exhibitors!

“We feel nostalgia because Tipsport arena was our home from the very beginning. Together with the fans we experienced there many unforgettable moments. It was witness of our expansion until the moment when we had outgrown its capabilities,” said about the relocation of largest bodybuilding event in Europe its promoter Robert Speychal.

Upcoming EVLS Prague Showdown will be clearly the biggest in history and it will be equal to the world’s most prestigious bodybuilding shows.

“Now we are looking forward to the potential of the new space in Letňany. Above all we are pleased that it allows us to continue to grow and we can satisfy the increasing demand of exhibitors. Last year we were unfortunately unable to accept all requests,” added Robert Speychal.

Visitors of the EVLS Prague Showdown can expect the professional category Men’s Open and Pro Bikini again. We are discussing one other professional category. As usual there will be held the EVLS Amateur competition with Pro cards for winners.

An integral part will be the presentation and competition of the additional power and power endurance sports like Benchpress, Armwrestling, Crossfit, Streetworkout, Strong Men or Pole dance. Everything in one place, in the one hall!

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