Tickets 2017 on sale!

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Compared to previous years, we have a plan of all the seating available for Saturday’s PRO competition (it will not be open seating, as it was in previous years). You keep the same seat with the ticket you’ve purchased. We guarantee  good visibility for all viewers, because the stage is elevated, and added to this are two large screens which enhance visibility.

Types of tickets:

VIP 1 plus, VIP 1, VIP 2, VIP 3, 1st category, 2nd category, 3rd category. Friday Only Amateur & Expo, Saturday Expo only, Meet & Greet and Pump up Room.

Tickets 1.-3. Category you can buy via TICKETPORTAL  here

VIP tickets can be ordered through the application here

Meet and greet order at e-mail address:

More questions? Detailed information about the content of each entry is here.




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