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Rules for the visitors

Rules for the visitors of EVLS PRAGUE SHOWDOWN 2017

(hereinafter referred to as the “Visitors’ Rules”)

The purpose and meaning of this Visitors’ Rules are primarily to secure safety, protect the health and property of Visitors and the Operator, and protect the equipment and property of the event.

The event takes place on September 29 and 30, 2017, in the premises of PVA EXPO Praha, Beranových 667, Prague 9, and the adjacent grounds of the parking place (hereinafter referred to as the “Arena”), the tenant and operator of which is the company EVLS Fitness, s.r.o. Na Sychrově 975/8, Praha 10, Company Reg. Nr.: 24297909, (hereinafter referred to as the “Operator”). Based on a valid ticket or other document allowing to enter the Arena, the entering person – that is a spectator, journalist, member of an implementation team, referee, or other natural persons (hereinafter referred to as the “Visitor”) – agrees with these Visitors’ Rules and is obliged to follow them.

The organizer is a natural person helping the Operator to arrange the event in compliance with its purpose and determined rules, the organizer can be also a member of the security service – based on the agreement with the Operator. The organizer is visibly labeled with a tag “Organizer” or “Security” (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”).


  1. Visitors are primarily obliged to:
  2. follow the instructions of the Operator, Organizer, members of the security service, police officers and fire rescue service members.
  3. follow the instructions on security signs and other signs in the premises of the Arena.
  4. produce a valid ticket or other permission allowing to enter the event when asked by the Organizer.
  5. watch the event from a particular place, if this particular place is defined on the ticket.
  6. undergo and accept security body search.
  7. inform the Operator or Organizer if they notice a health- or life-threatening defect in the premises of the Arena or on its equipment
  8. wear clean clothes.



  1. Visitors are especially not allowed to:


  1. use violence against a group of visitors, or an individual or to threaten anyone with bodily harm or death.
  2. act in a vulgar or offending way towards any other person.
  3. use narcotics or a psychotropic substance, or offer these to other visitors.
  4. spread, deliberately or out of negligence, a contagious disease, or to raise the risk of its introduction or spreading.
  5. cause or raise, deliberately or out of negligence, public danger, or hinder its averting or tempering.
  6. instigate hatred or defame nations, language, ethnic groups or races and political persuasions.
  7. promote a political party or association or other political and non-political movements.
  8. enter the premises for sportsmen, members of implementation teams, referees and delegates, with the exception of persons allowed to enter these premises.
  9. consume other food or beverages than the ones bought in the premises of the Arena.
  10. throw any objects to the podium or auditorium.
  11. smoke or manipulate with an open fire inside of the Arena, except for the spots reserved for smoking that are clearly marked and usually located outside the Arena (the no smoking rule applies to electronic cigarettes as well).
  12. set off or manipulate in any other way with pyrotechnical objects, such as fireworks, petards, smoke bombs and others.
  13. sell, distribute or offer anything (it is allowed with a written permission from the Operator, that can be produced if demanded).
  14. deliberately block others visitors’ view.


  1. Visitors are not allowed to bring into the Arena:


  1. any alcohol, drugs, narcotic, psychotropic, and toxic substances.
  2. umbrellas (except for folding ones in case of rain).
  3. binoculars and other similar equipment, professional and semi-professional cameras, notebooks, any kind of professional recording equipment – for audio or audio-video recording.
  4. bottles, containers under steady pressure, containers of any kind (glass or PET bottles, cans, jars etc.).
  5. political and advertising materials.
  6. glass or glass objects.
  7. oversized luggage, suitcases, backpacks, shopping bags, umbrellas.
  8. weapons (stabbing, cutting, shooting etc.), scissors, lasers.
  9. explosives (primary or secondary, explosive flammables), flammables.
  10. pyrotechnical objects such as fireworks, petards, smoke bombs and other.
  11. hair sprays, spray deodorants, perfumes larger than 100 ml. Visitors are obliged to test items with volume under 100 ml on themselves, if asked by the Operator or Organizer during the entrance security check.
  12. baby carriages and strollers (incl. folding ones), bikes, scooters (and other transport vehicles or sport equipment and gear), except for the visitors of EXPO.
  13. other dangerous objects that could cause harm to body or property.
  14. animals (except for guide, assistance or service dogs with an entry permission from the Organizer).
  15. racist, vulgar, defaming or good manners contradicting banners, leaflets and other promotional materials, as well as banners, leaflets and other promotional materials that are not connected with the event in the Arena.

The final right to decide about the dangerousness or suitability of individual objects brought into the Arena belongs the Operator or Organizer.

  1. Visitors take into account that:


  1. a participation in a fight, attack on the Organizer or other Visitor, racist-motivated chants, masking or covering of own identity, throwing of any objects to the podium or other premises of the Arena or other behavior that breaches legal regulations or principles of good manners will cause an immediate banishment out of the Arena, with no right to an entrance fee refund. In this case, the Operator is also entitled to claim full compensation for the incurred damage, incl. lost profits (because of an imposed fine, rescheduling of a fight etc.).
  2. compensation of all damage caused by the Visitor will be claimed in compliance with valid legal regulations.
  3. the Operator and Organizer of the event do not assume any responsibility for any lost things or things stolen by other persons.
  4. in case an injury of any person occurs, everyone who notices such fact is obliged to inform the Operator or Organizes. The Operator is not responsible for any harm to health or property of Visitors if caused by irresponsible approach of other attending persons.
  5. The Arena, incl. all premises, has undergone a proper building inspection for running of sport‑cultural events. Visitors accept that they participate in the event in the Arena on their own risk.
  6. By entering the Arena, Visitors give their full consent that photos, films or video recordings with them will be made by the Operator, with help of any technical method, during their presence in the Arena. These photos, films or video recordings can be used by the Operator at his discretion, without any time or regional restrictions, and Visitors have no right to any compensation. Visitors agree that these photos, films or video recordings can be, without any rights to compensation, broadcasted also by the indoor screening in the Arena.
  7. taking photos or recording videos for commercial purposes is forbidden in the Arena, except for persons with a permission from the Operator. The indoor screening in the Arena is just of a supporting character and it is not part of the event. The Operator has right not to perform the indoor screening, interrupt it and decide about its content.
  8. the whole area of the Arena, with its adjacent areas, is monitored by industrial security cameras.
  9. in case of an evacuation, Visitors must observe the Evacuation Rules and follow the instructions of the Operator or Organizer, or persons authorized by them.
  10. every Visitor is obliged to hand in all objects found in the Arena to the Operator or Organizer.
  11. Visitors are obliged to pay respect to national symbols (esp. when the national anthem is played).


  1. Operator and Organizer are especially entitled to:


  1. banish Visitor out of the Arena if they do not follow their instructions, with no right to an entrance fee refund.
  2. banish Visitor out of the Arena in case they behave in a vulgar or inappropriate way, with no right to an entrance fee refund.
  3. banish clearly dirty Visitors out of the Arena, with no right to an entrance fee refund.
  4. banish Visitors who cannot produce a valid entrance ticket or document, with no right to an entrance fee refund.
  5. perform security body search at the entrance of the Arena.
  6. perform security body search also within the Arena – in well-founded cases.
  7. not to allow the entry into the Arena to Visitors that are under the influence of alcohol, or narcotic or psychotropic substances.
  8. guide out the Visitors that are under the influence of alcohol, or narcotic or psychotropic substances in the Arena, with no right to an entrance fee refund.
  9. guide out of the Arena those Visitors that have breached Art. 1, 2 or 3 of the Visitors’ Rule, with no right to an entrance fee refund.
  10. do not allow the entry into the Arena to Visitors reasonably suspicious that they will commit any activity described in Art. 5 a) of the Visitors’ Rules or any other disturbance or other serious actions against the Visitors or against public order, or any other actions breaching the legal regulations or good manners.


  1. Operator is entitled to:

assess individual cases and requirements and grant a one-time exception from the Visitors’ Rules to individual Visitors. Furthermore, the Organizer has a right to change, modify or amend this Visitors’ Rules according to the character of the event and safety of Visitors.


  1. Final provisions:


The valid version of the Visitors’ Rules of the Arena is the version published on the official websites of the event Operator.



Done in Prague on ……………….


Approved by:


EVLS Prague Showdown Partners
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